Dear Visitor

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado.

We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to greeting you and helping to make your visit to Boulder as Jewishly comfortable as possible.

Have a Safe Trip!
Rabbi Pesach and Chany Scheiner


We do not have a daily minyan. However, we have one on a bi-weekly basis. Please tell us when you are coming so we can let you know if there will be services that week.
Our address is 4900 Sioux Drive, Boulder, CO 80303.
The Boulder County Center for Judaism at 4900 Sioux Drive, Boulder, Colorado


There are two motels in easy walking distance.

The elegant Homewood Suites by Hilton is a five minute walk and each room has its own kitchen. Their number is 303-499-9922.

Their website:

The more economical Days Inn Boulder is a fifteen minute walk and each room has a small refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. Their number is 303-499-4422.

Their website:

Shabbat Hospitality

Enjoy a delicious Shabbat dinner in a warm and intimate setting. Our home is open to all and we encourage you to join us. There is no charge, however donations are appreciated!

Local Sources for Kosher Food

boulder-vistor_10King Soopers at 1650 30th Street has the largest selection of packaged Kosher food and a Vaad supervised bakery, which has some pareve and pas yisroel items, but the dairy is not chalav yisroel. Their phone is 303-443-9622.

The East Side Kosher Deli in Denver delivers, but it’s a long way so there is a delivery charge. Their phone is 303-322-9862.


Kosher Food Delivered

  • We offer delicious catered meals delivered to your hotel or conference. The delivery fee depends on how many meals are being delivered and how far away they are. We do not deliver on the Sabbath.
  • Lunch includes a delicious main dish, a side dish, and salad ($25 per person)
  • Supper includes a delicious (larger) main dish, a side dish, and salad ($36 per person)
  • Shabbat (Friday) dinner includes delicious soup, a main dish, a side dish, and salad ($36 per person)
  • Shabbat (Saturday) lunch is $36 per person

Call Chany at 720-422-6776 or email to reserve your meals.